Top 7 Personality Development Tricks to Learn Faster 

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learn faster - personalitydevelopmentA major challenge of the modern way that most of us tend to live is that we need to learn, and quickly. We don’t have the time anymore to learn in good time as we tend to need results, and need them now. This can make it very hard to develop the right kind of change and adjustment that you might have hoped for and expected. When you feel this way, here are some simple personality development tricks to try out to make yourself stay focused learn in the limited window you have.

Lose The Doubt

The easiest way to start losing and failing is to just doubt yourself all the time. Stop looking at your inability to in a short space of time and start looking at your ability to pick up small amounts gradually. Don’t expect it all in during one sitting – break it up instead. Stop trying to do it all at once and you can find it’s much easier to actually learn something. Time may be an obstacle, but you don’t need to make it a barrier you cannot get beyond.

Find a Tutor

Drop the pride and get rid of the idea you need to do it alone. If you need help in conceptualizing the scenario then find a tutor, someone who can help you move beyond the limitations that you have. There’s no shame in it – if anything, it makes you far more likely to reach the level that you had hoped for. A tutor can help you see the limitations that you cannot yourself, and thus makes it easier to adjust in the way you would have hoped for.

Understand the Challenge 

One major personality change you can make is making sure that you fully understand the challenge that lies ahead of you. The top way to make sure you want to learn in the time that you need to is to appreciate the limitation in time in the first place. When you feel like the window is wide enough, you’ll start to slack off. Try as many times as you need, but never fear of failing.

Enjoy Repetition

Practice makes perfect and a mind that does not like to repeat the same thing over and over is not a mind that will get used to learning faster. Get used to the idea of repetition as you will need it to make sure you can learn at the pace you need. If you want to make sure that you can become more successful in learning, get used to having to go over it again, and again, and again!

Work Physically

Struggling to find the way to learn quickly? Try a quick physical work out. It can get the juices flowing and the brain working enough to make it much easier to actually start learning something. A sluggish body is a sluggish mind, so if you struggle to find the verve that you need then start working out physically a bit more before you try to start learning something.

Avoid Puzzles

People tend to find that going for a puzzle is a good therapy for learning faster but challenging yourself further is rarely the answer. Puzzles tend to not really sharpen the brain as you would have hoped for, at last in terms of a crossword puzzle or other commonly found, low-level devices. If you enjoy them, then keep it up, but don’t use on to try and decode or correct your thinking.

With the above, you should find it easier to start improving how fast you learn. Avoid trying to make things more complex, specifically, though, and you can find it much easier to cram in the learning you need in the space of time you have.

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