Top 5 working from home tips

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Do you have the chance to work from home? Then you will be the envy of your social group!

The ability to sit at home and work without having to commute around and deal with annoying travel is a god send to most people. You might not agree entirely, but for most the chance to work from the comfort of a chair at home, or bed, is a wonderful experience. However, it’s not all singing and dancing.

If you struggle to adapt to, or even fear, the idea of working from home, here are some easy suggestions you can enjoy that can help erase those fears.

Don’t Take It for Granted

This is when the level of productivity drops and complacency sets in. Enjoy the fact you work from home but don’t presume that it will last all the time. Give yourself the chance to actually enjoy the role, sure, but don’t just presume that it will always be there. Also, remember that this is usually a reward if you work from home for a company, so don’t let them think that you are abusing the privilege – keep working hard when you get the chance to work from home.

Create a Work space

You might want to just lie out on the couch with the TV on and work from there, but it hampers productivity. Get a small space in the house that you can use when working. Ensure it has good ventilation, easy access and all the tools that you need for your specific kind of industry. This makes it much easier to stay active and to enjoy the job as much as actually do it. Be productive and you’ll love it even more, so create a space to work at to enjoy the full benefits of this way of working and  your focus will be increased.

Remove Distraction

From your Sony PlayStation 4 to your fancy TV, get it out the way. Remove all of your chances of being distracted, from books and video games to albums and movies. Remove it all from the room and you can find it much easier to just work. By having distractions, you tend to find it much easier to take lots of small, longer-than-intended breaks that bullet productivity.

Start Early

Make the most of working from home and start as early as you can. Many people who work from home start in the afternoon, but get a fast start and you can have a productive day. You could be finished for 3PM, and not have to move a muscle to get home afterwards. Just avoid what many people call ‘security guard mode’ and find yourself working at night all the time because you cannot be bothered working during the day. This makes it harder to live a normal life and reap the benefits of working from home properly.

Get Out

Don’t allow your working from home to turn you into a hermit. Take a walk each day, go for lunch, a coffee, groceries, even just a stretch. Get out of the habit of doing bad things like becoming unhygienic, sitting around in jogging clothes all day and not making much of an effort sartorially. Take the time to still be presentable. A bit of time for yourself will not make you lose focus. In regards to how you should live if you work from home. Avoid this and you can become far more successful when you are working this way.

With these in mind, then, you should find it much easier to begin adapting to the challenge of being able to work from home.

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