Positive Thinking: 50 Positive Habits to Transform your Life 

positive habits - personality development

Why this book? Sometimes in life we get drawn by negative thoughts, which prevent us form unleashing our true potential.

Here you will learn 50 Positive habits that will transform your life and will make you FEEL that you can achieve your TRUE goals.

Based on the power of Positive Thinking you will be handed a step by step guide including advice: 

Getting Fitter,  Mental Training,  Positive affirmations, Lifestyle Planning,  Emotional Assistance and much more!        personality development




Self Discipline: Change your Mindset, Choose Wiser Goals

personality development - self discipline

Why this book? Do you ever set yourself goals and find it hard to follow them through? 

Self Discipline is about mental training. We become what our brains tell us we should be.

In this you will set out to a journey o self transformation that will change your world forever.. 

Learn discipline techniques and routines based on Positive Habits, and learn the following and much more:

Smart Goal Setting, Prioritization Skills, Reward/Punishment, Healthy Living, Visualization Training, and more!


personality development



Speed Reading: Your Fast Track Ticket to Knowledge

speed reading - personality development

Why this book? Reading faster means learning faster. Learning faster means more Knowledge.More Knowledge  means higher Self Confidence.

Other benefits are: Better Focus, Improved Memory, Emotional Well-Being… Does it Sound appealing to you?

If you ever thought of Speed Reading as something difficult and boring, this book is your answer. Here you will learn skills such as:

Regression, Sub-Vocalization, Meta Guiding, Skinning, Using Ace Reader, a detailed 30 Day Learning Schedule, and much more!


personality development


Positive Thinking: Unleash the Power of Your Mind#

positive thinking - personality developmentWhy this book? As you might imagine, continuous negative thinking is usually going to drive you down in life.

It’s going to ensure that you never move, grow, develop or change for the better.

However, with a more positive mentality, these problems can be eradicated right away.

In this book you will learn skills such as: Changing your mentality, Handling Pressure, Positive Attitude and many more!

Start changing your life from today and never, ever look back!


personality development