Personality Development Tools on How to Increase your IQ

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How to increase iq - personality development

Most people believe that intelligence is fixed. The brains we are born with, are the brains we’re live with. Intellect is a part of the inherited genetic code. Science says otherwise. Carol Dweck in her bestselling book, The Growth Mindset,  reveals that intelligence is not fixed but it is ‘fluid’. It is the product of continued hard work. It’s good news for anyone who has ever felt they weren’t smart enough. Knowing how to increase your IQ is one of the most popular personality development tools. This post will discuss how to increase your IQ and through various personality development tools..

1.‘Exercise’ your brain

Logic and problem solving skills are directly linked to high intelligence. Practice the crossword, experiment with Sudoku or try playing logical games. If you want to know how to increase your IQ, logical games help promote brain activity and build new synapses. All these activities will challenge your brain and help in increasing IQ. Find ways to practice these skills a little every day. As with physical exercise, doing a little every day can lead to a lot of gain in the long run. However once you master a certain activity, move on. The brain needs to feel challenged.

2.  Stay Informed

Keeping up to date with current events in the twenty first century, can be difficult but staying informed, will help develop your general knowledge. This technique is instrumental in learning how to increase your IQ. Subscribe to blogs and news websites. Take out 15 or 20 minutes every day to read the news and follow columnists so that you can form your own opinion about current affairs.

3. Improve your Self-Discipline

Knowing what skills to learn and how to approach the newly found learning is obviously important. However we live in the digital era, a society where patience, focus and discipline have been significantly reduced. It is paramount being disciplined in order to apply all the knowledge we are after and to achieve all the goals we set out to hit. Having a daily schedule to allow you to keep record or your achievements so far  helps to check we are on a consistent path. Also self-disciplines exercise to increase our focus time-span are essential.

 4. Practice IQ tests

Practicing IQ tests can have a lot of advantages. The sample questions will help you in understanding exactly how to increase your IQ. You’ll be able to identify your strengths and weaknesses and see which area of IQ you need to develop on. They help you apply your logic and problem solving skills. Secondly, they can be a good way to follow your IQ growth over a period of time. Make sure to practice standardized and authentic IQ tests like the Standford Binet test.

5.Learn new things

People with fluid intelligence, are always looking to learn new things about themselves and the world they live in. They master new information and apply that information to solve old problems. If you want to learn how to increase your IQ then take out time to explore new avenues and develop new skills. Learning new things has become easier than before, thanks to the internet. Many websites offer online courses that anyone can sign up for. You can also choose to learn new skills such as playing the guitar etc. However it is also essential you also learn how to improve your memory, as most IQ tests also take this skill into account.

self discipline - personality development

6. Exercise

Exercise and learning how to increase your IQ may seem like two very different activities but one can help the other. Research has indicated that a healthy body leads to a healthy mind. Exercising regularly reduces stress levels, releases endorphins. Increasing endorphins improves concentration and is one of the best personality development tools on how to reduce stress. An improved concentration can make it easier to tackle more intellectually challenging tasks.

7. Read

Reading non fiction books is one of the ideal methods on how to increase your IQ. Read books on topics that interest you. Reading not only adds to your knowledge but it helps your understanding and critical thinking skills. It helps develop your perspective on contemporary issues and deliver better arguments. Because your time is limited, it is essential learning how to read faster.


Learning how to increase your IQ is central to developing a stronger, better personality. It will help you at your job and in your professional life as you will be better informed and able to communicate more expressively. It is often the first personality development tool people turn to. You may not see the results in the beginning but in the end, you’ll be a smarter, better person for it.



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