How to Set Short Term Goals Effectively

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Many people go through life without planning how. It is surshort term goals personality developmentprising that a lot of people are still awed when they are told about setting goals for their lives. A lot of people find it difficult setting life-time goals and identifying what’s most important in their lives and coming up with real, quantifiable targets. Some complain about the fact that goal setting requires time and energy, and it would take days, weeks and even months of work to have their goals down.

Although setting goals requires an initial investment of time and effort, it is actually a rewarding venture with lifelong changing effects. However, it is interesting to note that while it could be quite difficult setting long term goals, identifying, writing down your short term goals first will help you work your way up to achieving your life’s desires.

Setting short term goals is a quick and effective way to build momentum, discover how to be more confident and helps you achieve meaningful things.

5 Secret Steps in Setting Short term Goals

If you want to see life changes within the next few months, follow these 5 quick secret guidelines in setting short term goals. You’ll discover that accomplishing one short term goal at a time can change your life beyond your wildest imaginations.

1.Get a calendar

Choose a good time period say between 3 to 6 months within which you intend achieving your set goals. Short term goals help you take action almost immediately, are easier to visualize, and because they are meant to be realistic, they are easily realizable.

 2.Do not crowd yourself with more goals than you can work with.

Pick just 2 or 3 goals that you can work with. Working with too many goals means you may get overwhelmed with trying to change every aspect of your life. Only work on a few areas of your life at a time.

 3.You don’t have to accomplish your goals in the time period you’ve identified.

This is very important. Instead set your mind towards what you can achieve within the next 3 to 6 months. Aim to develop a pattern, fill your mind up with positive thinking about your goals and you can build momentum even when you feel down and out and in no time you’ll be able to live life just as you want. Do not get stressed. If you do, here we give you the best advice on how to reduce stress.

Some areas where you can begin to work on goals are in things like:

  • Starting or resuming an exercise routine
  • Beginning to read or listening to a couple of new books and audio tapes
  • Joining a dating site or started dating again.
  • Taking up or resuming a favorite hobby again.

Short term goals are life changing goals. They may start as a small, insignificant action but turn out to be actions that pattern your life along a set direction. People have taken a short term goal of simply joining a dating site but end up with a serious relationship that eventually leads to a blossoming marriage.

 4.Always write your goals down

Once you have your 2 or 3 goals, write them down, detailing what they are and how you hope to achieve them. Once you are through with that, get out a small card and write out an declaration paragraph for the goal once you feel you’ve attained it. Write it in first person so you feel you have accomplished that goal.

5.Make a list and begin to identify what actions you can take that will move you closer to your goals.

Get a new sneaker for outdoor jogging? Register at a gym? Fill out a profile at a dating site? Spend more time with your kids?

Follow these 5 secrets unveiled here in setting short term goals and you are sure to see changes within the next few months.

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