How to Improve your Memory in 5 Personality Development Simple Steps

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Learn the Best Memory Improving Techniques for Personality Development

Have you ever noticed how there are some people out there that can seemingly effortlessly remember even the smallest and most trivial of details in life, yet there are others who, in their own words, “have a memory like a sieve”. As we grow older, we often find our memories and cognitive function in general, beginning to deteriorate and not be anywhere near as sharp as it once was. If this applies to you, the good news is that via a number of simple methods, including basic brain training exercises, you can greatly enhance your memory with minimal effort. Here’s a quick look at how to improve your memory in 5 simple steps that will change your life.


Eat the right foods

As far as how to improve your memory is concerned, looking after your brain is absolutely essential, which is why you need to ensure that you eat the right foods. Forget processed junk food, and instead focus on eating plenty of nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables, along with omega 3-rich foods such as oily fish. These nutrients help to strengthen the brain and boost brainpower, which in turn will help to enhance cognitive function.


Get more physically active

Exercise isn’t just good for you physically, it is also good for you mentally as well, as exercise has also been found to be great for brain training, as it were. When we exercise, our brains work harder, which in turn leads to the production of new nerve cells. When placed under mild stress I.E during exercise, nerve cells secrete neurotrophic factors, which are proteins that enhance cognitive function and have been proven to improve short, and long-term memory.


Get enough quality sleep

Sleep is something we seem to appreciate more and more as we grow older, yet as many as 70% of all adults are not getting the recommended 7 – 9 hours per night, with the average amount of time spent sleeping being between 5 and 6 hours. The more tired you become, the more cognitive abilities will be affected. There is even research that suggests that, when we sleep, our brains can store and sort brand new memories, so if you’re lacking sleep, obviously you won’t retain or remember information, recent or otherwise. In terms of how to improve your memory, getting between 7 and 9 hours of sleep each night is essential. I also helps to reduce stress.


Train your brain

Studies have found that the harder the brain has to work, the better a person’s memory tends to be, especially later in life. Experts have realised this, which is why there are brain training tools and apps that are specifically designed to help train a person’s brain to help get them thinking more. You can even do it with more trivial activities as you can perhaps psychoanalyze TV shows in your head after you have watched them.


Write down important info

If you are looking to improve your memory, then anything that you deem important, you should take the time to write down on paper. By doing this, more oxygenated blood will cross the brain-blood barrier and will be supplied to parts of the brain responsible for memory and other similar processes. The more you do it, the harder the brain will have to work to retain information, and after a while, you will notice slight improvements in your memory.

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