How to Change your Life in 5 Simple Steps

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Most of the people are engrossed in them and keep thinking throughout their life – “How do I change my life for better”. However they do not get any output as the process goes solely in their minds and they do not do anything practically. They are day-dreamers.


“Give your thinking a practical form”.


 Thinking alone can’t bring the revolution as you exhaust your energy merely in day- dreaming. In this article, “How to change your life in 5 simple steps”, we will assist you with the steps of progressing.

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1. Thinking

Thinking is the first step of progressing. Unless and until an optimistic thought strikes your mind, you can’t go for the better. It is a state of mind that provokes you to accomplish your targets.



There are some dreams that are difficult to accomplish. To achieve your target, you need to undergo a strict planning. Planning should not only be in your mind. Instead, write your planning on a piece of paper and adhere to the rules that you have framed.



There would be times when you will be exhausted. Monotony will surround you and there would be no source of inspiration. You would like to dump the challenge but remember, time is crucial and such phases come in the life of all.  Buy a poster – “How to change your life” and hang it on the wall where you can have a look at it every now and then. It will keep you reminding about your objectives. Furthermore, such posters are equipped with beautiful steps that you need to practice.

If you are a student and want to keep yourself up-to-date and ahead of class without compromising with your health then create a sticky on which you write-

  • Your wake up time as 4: 30
  • Aerobics/ Yoga- 20 minutes
  • Fruits in the morning
  • 1 hour of early morning study
  • Meditation- 20 minutes

These steps will be a life changer for you.



Do not merely make the rules but implement them regularly. It might take some time but slowly and gradually, you will be successful. Remember- your habits will not change in a day, you need to practice things daily.


5.Time management

Never procrastinate on your jobs. Time flies. Jobs you do early morning have a long lasting impact on your health and life. Until the time you will have self- discipline, no outside factor can change your life. For this we have listed the Top 7 Time Management Tips, that will help you on becoming more efficient.


Once you have rigorously inculcated the steps in your life and have become successful in your endeavours, start teaching others- “How to change your life for betterment”? Share your lessons.



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