Creating your Morning Routine Checklist

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morning routine checklist - personality development

When the morning begins, so does the potential for the rest of our day to be a success or a failure. How we start usually determines how we end the day, and thus how we start the next. Therefore, it’s easier to let good times roll into one and bad times to do the same. We only notice a major difference when a change occurs – this is why having a morning routine checklist is so useful. It is about self discipline.

Having access to such a tool helps for positive personality development. It helps you get rid of negative traits in the mornings and allows you to move ever-closer to who you wish to be as a person. Starting the day right means removing poor personality traits and it also means putting in place the potential for a successful string of days.

Not sure where to start? Here are some useful ideas for making the most of a morning routine checklist.

Set a Core

The first thing that any good morning routine should hold is a solid and developed routine. It might change slightly but it always has to hold the same rules and ideas. Personality development is much easier when we know what kind of person we are aiming to be, and our morning routine will go some way to helping us work that out, too!

So, start off by setting up a key core of five things every morning must involve. For me it involves waking up before 9AM, having a healthy breakfast before 9:30AM, starting a project before 10AM and then getting a short exercise routine in before 11:30AM. Now this routine changes in order and in times some days, but the core remains the same. It keeps me active and it creates a consistency my life was missing.

Understand the Reasons

One of the main reasons to get involved with a morning routine checklist is that it allows you to understand your day far more than before. If you have a routine then it sets you up for the mind-set of attacking the day, getting things done, and positive personality development planning. If you let the sun shining in your eyes determine when you get out of bed, your day will likely have that “wait-and-see” feel to it as well.

You want to avoid this as much as possible – it is not healthy and it does nothing for your development as a person. Understand why you need a routine (to give yourself that purpose and action every day) and you can start seeing how to develop a morning plan much quicker.

It takes time and patience to get to this point, but understanding morning routine checklist development matters.

Sleep Early, Start Early

So, the first thing I would suggest is that if you want to make a good morning routine checklist to change your life, you need a good evening checklist as well. Your evening will determine how your next morning starts. If your evening was eating junk food, drinking beer and gaming, watching sports or just sitting around on the internet, you’ll likely have a mediocre to chaotic sleep. That will have a negative impact on your morning routine checklist the next day.

And that’s fine – sometimes. The main aim at the moment though should be to make sure that you have an evening checklist. That checklist will be the one that gets you active enough at night to be tired enough to go to bed early, and wake up early.

A 30-minute “shutdown schedule” every night before bed, including meditation for example, can go a long way to making yourself a success.

Work on Weekends

The best way to make a morning routine fit? Don’t treat it like you are in school. Your morning routine should stay the same whether it’s Monday or Sunday. The weakened is there to be enjoyed, so why not make sure you are up all day to enjoy it? It allows you to be more ambitious and exciting with your day, and makes it easier to stay in routine.

Killing a morning routine checklist is so much easier when you stop for 72-48hrs every Friday. It means that come Monday you have to make that commitment towards change all over again. Don’t let yourself reach that point!

Now, hopefully you can see why having a morning routine checklist is so useful. It helps you start early and start making a significant impact on your day, long before other peoples days have even begun.

The early bird, remember, catches the worm!



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