Abundance vs Scarcity Mentality

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abundance v scarcity - personality development

For many people, understanding the difference between abundance and scarcity can be a challenge.

It’s the kind of discussion that many people break down to arguments of class – someone only does well at X, because they had Y. it’s an easy stick to beat people with, but the difference between a mentality built around abundance vs a mentality built around scarcity, comes from how long we give things to work out.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the difference between these mind-sets, and why it truly matters.

The Major Differences

First off, the main difference in this comes from mentality. Those who have an abundant mindset tend to be those who look to the long-term. They look to try and spot the problems in their life, and forge a long-term solution that just makes sense. This is the best way to work, and easily ensures that the major differences can easily be captured and maintained.


However, those with a scarce mindset will tend to be looking at the short-term – looking to find solutions only for today, never tomorrow. This is dangerous, and leads to reactionary (and unsuccessful) decision making processes.


Taking a Chance

Another major part of being involved with these mentalities comes from how willing you are to take a risk, to put yourself out there. Many people find that when they suffer from the limitations of a scarce mentality, that they force themselves to take on far less engaging challenges in life.

They will usually shirk the opportunity to try something new, usually concentrating on the fear or likelihood of failure. This kind of mindset hampers personal development and usually means keeping ambitions minimal or extremely local, never allowing for the chance to develop a new perspective really.

However, someone with an abundant mindset is far more likely to actually push out there and make something of themselves. This isn’t to critique those who want to be more insular in their ambitions, but it is part of the scarcity mindset. This makes it easier for people to feel comfortable taking on new chances in life.

Take investment, for example. Those with an abundant mindset might be the ones willing to actually push the boat out and take a risk. Rather than looking at potential money lose or time lost, they look at the chance for long-term gains instead.


Mental Approaches

By the same taken, those who have a more reclusive mindset and don’t want to ever push their boundaries or take it further professionally will be scarcely minded. They tend to find that their typical mental approach reflects the way they think about the world – negative, lacking ambition or courage.

This is a major problem, too, as it usually starts to create a jealous mindset. Rather than fighting to succeed and get somewhere themselves, they start to concentrate on how lucky others have been. Scarcely minded people tend to just look at the negative success of other people.

Those with an abundant mindset, though, take a far more impressive approach to life in general. That’s a good thing, as it allows you to feel far more comfortable when dealing with these people moving forward. They tend to have more positive feelings towards other people and can therefore be far easier to be around and enjoy their company.

It also stems from the fact that they tend to be more positive to other people in terms of appreciation and comfort. They are just easier to be around, with abundantly minded people recognizing the lengths others go to help them.


self discipline - personality development 

Handing Out Assistance

Another big factor in these mindsets is how they handle what they have. People with abundant mindsets are far more likely to give other people the same kind of help and encouragement that they would have wanted on their own. It allows them to be more generous and to give out more than they would have expected.

It’s a positive character trait and shows that they have the determination to do well and to make a big difference. It also allows for them to have a more open-minded approach to collaboration and generally helping other people succeed.

Those with a scarce mentality are more likely to retain things for themselves and keep hold of trade secrets. That’s a bad thing as success should be shared, not hoarded. It’s a major difference in the mentalities of each person and it can become a significant character flaw moving forward.

If you would like to avoid these issues, then you need to be of a more abundant mindset. They are the ones who put themselves out there and give other people the kind of help they would have expected on their own, making it important to consider what mind suits you best.


Decision Making

Those who are of a short-term and scarce mindset tend to just make decisions since it works for them in that very moment, that particular second. This is not a good thing, as it usually drives people to the point whereby they make mistakes and errors.

An abundantly minded person is more calculated, in a good way. They will be far more likely to take an interest in the long-term repercussions of a decision. They are usually in a better place mentally, so have no problems adjusting their mentality to get to this point in life.




Another major flaw that you tend to see in scarcely minded people is looking to find a leader. They don’t like being the ones with responsibility and attention, or having to be creative. Instead, they just spend all of their time listening to others and never innovating or creating.

An abundantly minded soul, though, throws this convention in the bin! They are the leaders, the ones who motivate others and get things done. They are the people that you need onside and who you want to have helping drive you to success, offering encouragement and innovation along the way.

Fostering the Abundance Mentality


So, now that we understand the differences in such a mentality, how do you get to the point whereby you are making a conscious decision to change? How do you go from being a scarcely minded person to being more abundantly minded? Is there a particular pace or package you need to stick to?

What can you expect to see major alterations in regarding lifestyle, mentality and anything else that comes to mind? How can you make sure that you adjust to the kind of solutions that you would expect to need if you wish to foster the abundance mentality?


Organize your Home, Prepare your Life.

One of the first things that you should try and do is get rid of all the superfluous items from your home. It cannot be helpful for your personal development to have a home that is loaded with excess items that you do not need, want or desire. Avoid this kind of build-up by preparing your home to meet these demands. You need to understand that many things in your home are not important or imperative to living a good quality of life.

If you want to make sure this mentality stays with you, learn how to prepare your life and make the right calls for the best effects. This can help you to find your goals; by removing a lot of things in your life that blocks your vision and makes it harder to understand your long-term aims, you need to make changes.

It helps to foster a more positive level of growth as you move forward in life, helping you to fully appreciate where you are at present and what has to change to help you get there. Concentrating on short-term materialism, though, will not get you there anytime soon.


Be More Open.

You also need to learn the importance of openness and honesty. It’s hard to be this way, for sure, but you have to accept that sharing is the route to success. It helps you to be more abundantly minded in that it allows you to start noticing that your feelings do count, and that other people do genuinely care.

Once you start to see the helpful solutions that just speaking to others can bring, you will want to return the favor to people who have helped you out in the past, making you see your own power shining through.

This is great for building that abundant mindset. It makes you far more likely to stay true to who you are and how to make positive change in the years to come. Openness is needed for any kind of abundant mindset – you have to be open if you want closure!


Avoid Consumption

A short-term mindset is not helped one bit by paying attention to the challenges in the world today. Look around you and at all the problems that we can face moving forward into the years to come. You can quickly find that by concentrating on the media, you can feel like you have lost the power to change. You get overwhelmed by the speed of global alteration, forgetting that your main concern is supposed to be how you can correct your own lifestyle.

How do you manage your own world? Stop trying to change the whole world, and you can find it easier to take a long-term look at things in life that matter to you. The abundance mentality is all about foregoing your need to try and make huge changes and instead replace that need to make changes in your life that will actually make a difference.


Create a Wining Mentality

The “secret weapon” for many people to success is to have a mentality built around success and winning. It just comes with the abundant mentality – if you cannot openly convince yourself of the chances of success, why should you ever bother investing your time into this?

It’s an experience that many of us would do well to engage with and understanding. Limiting belief in yourself can be quite dangerous as it tends to leave you really unsure of who you are and where you can reach in life if you just put your mind to it.

This allows you to start seeing that, with a mentality built on winning, you can start to appreciate the need for personal development in the years to come. You need to know that you have the desire to learn new skills, and when you think you are destined for failure it’s unlikely you will take it any further.

Create the mentality of a winner, however, and you soon grow much more accustomed to your chances of being a success. You’ll be more inclined to learn if you feel like the actual process of winning is going to be worthwhile.


Lose Comparisons

Stop trying to compare yourself to others – it’s how a scarce mentality wins. If you always look to the success of others who are beyond your current experience, you can never reach their level. Use comparisons with other people as a driving force, an inspiration, rather than seeing it as some unattainable goal.

Find the power that lies within yourself and use that to drive yourself on. The abundant mentality only works if you start seeing comparisons as a mean to show yourself what you are good at. Stop blaming yourself for not being as good as the best!


Enjoy Uncertainty

The scarce mind hates change and hates the idea of failure – the abundant mind needs it. If you have goals to achieve then it helps to know that self-limitation and negative mentalities all comes from a fear of the uncertain, the things in life we do not understand.

You can change that easily – learn to create instead. Start enjoying the idea of reaching into the unknown and seeing where the world is going to take you. Life becomes simper when you embrace the challenge of making your own way in the world rather than just following others footsteps!

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